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The concept

The patent-pending Momgeni jacket is a no-fuss, no-mess alternative to heavy diaper bags. Designed with mom’s well-being as the primary focus, Momgeni jackets come with self-care features to ease postpartum neck and back discomfort. Fashion and function are at the core of our design, making Momgeni the ultimate multi-functional outerwear designed for the multitasking mom!

Timeless & Trendy

Designed in California, Momgeni mixes a classic jacket design with trendy features that make it a universally flattering and stylish choice. Our three styles accommodate a variety of weather conditions and climates. Choose from an elegant zip-front jacket with front flap pockets and exposed zipper, a casual nylon windbreaker with contrasting buttons, or a sleeveless vest for warmer temperatures. Each option features our amazing storage capabilities, as well as a removable scarf. Pick up one that matches your personality and needs, or try all three for full-year coverage!

Nursing Cover

Our built-in, removable nursing cover helps busy moms feed their babies discreetly when needed, anytime and anywhere. Made from ultra-soft fabrics, the covers are safe and comfortable against your child’s skin, as well as lightweight and breathable, giving the option to use it as a blanket for your baby. The nursing cover can be used as an elegant scarf, and can provide neck support when stored in the collar pocket.

Diaper Clutch

The removable diaper clutch allows you to carry it as a stand-alone piece, and features a variety of pockets for storing items like diapers, wipes, creams, and more. It can be used for everyday outings as well as travel. With all of your changing essentials securely in one convenient place, changing your baby on the go has never been so easy.

Infant Weather Cover

An attached infant weather cover makes snuggle and cuddle time cozier and relaxing for both mom and child. Made from the same fabrics as the jacket, this cover is ideal for shielding little ones from harsh weather conditions, while carrying them in an infant carrier or sling.


With its unique and innovative design, our jackets easily convert into a tote bag that you can carry with the essentials still accessible. Functionality is as the forefront of Momgeni, proving its usefulness even on times when a jacket isn’t needed. The large interior is spacious enough for all of yours and baby’s necessities.

Lumbar Roll

A healthy mom is a happy mom, which is why Momgeni is proud to promote self-care during the critical postpartum period and beyond. The Momgeni jackets come with a built-in and detachable lumbar roll to ease back discomfort in postpartum women. The lumbar roll can be used concealed inside the jacket or as a standalone piece on a chair. When it comes to design, Momgeni is the go-to jacket for moms on the go!


Say goodbye to oversized diaper bags that are a burden to carry, or put unneeded pressure on your back and shoulders. With Momgeni, you can experience the luxury of traveling hands-free, making stepping out with your little ones that much easier and stress-free. Every mom truly deserves to have a Momgeni jacket as she embarks on a journey of a lifetime.


When it comes to mom and baby storage, more is more… which is why Momgeni is designed with unique add-on convenience features and ample secure storage to aid the busy mom. Whereas many women’s clothes are made with faux pockets, Momgeni jackets offer functional storage without the bulk making it the premier choice for efficient multitasking in a fashionable way! What’s more, the removable features in the jacket make it wearable even after your childcare needs end — Momgeni grows with you and your child from infancy to infinity.

About Us

We are a small, San Francisco Bay Area-based, woman-owned company. Our CEO Sunitha Bhaskaran is a concept creator, researcher, and a mother. She believes innovative wellness clothing can simplify the life of a mom-on-the-go. Currently, there are no apparel products that cater to the wellness needs of postpartum women when they leave the comfortable confines of their homes. Our mission is to fill this void by offering designer outerwear for mothers that provides wellness solutions to empower and celebrate them.


The Momgeni jackets’ innovative design was voted Runner-up at the prestigious A’Design Awards and Competition held in Italy in 2019. Momgeni was chosen runner-up in the Travel and Fashion Accessories category among thousands of entries received from more than 100 countries.