Changing Babies in Public Made Convenient

Baby in Changing Mat for Diaper Change

For new moms, sometimes even a quick hop to the grocery store requires careful planning to ensure all childcare items are close by. No mama wants a wailing baby when she has to focus on running errands and getting things done. At times, moms have to prepare themselves to change a baby in public.

Changing a baby in public places means carrying all the baby changing essentials such as diapers, wipes, lotions and disposable bags. Babies wet their diapers often and have to be changed to prevent a diaper rash from occurring. In an ideal world, changing tables would be available in all public places. In reality, parents often find themselves having to change their baby at places where there are no baby changing facilities. And this could prove to be inconvenient.

The Momgeni jacket comes with a portable baby changing station that has a changing mat and several pockets to hold baby changing essentials. Some important baby changing essential every mom should carry:

Diapers: At least a handful of diapers for an outing to the grocery store or mall. But you’ll surely need more for a day out.

Baby Wipes: This is another important changing essential. The travel-pack size is easy to carry and is great for travel.

Lotions: It is always good to carry diaper rash creams. You’ll never know when your baby might develop a rash.

Trash bags: A few trash bags could always come in handy to safely dispose used diapers and wipes.

It can be easily folded to make a compact diaper clutch and stored in a pocket in the jacket. It can also be used as a standalone piece without the jacket.

Portable Changing Station or Diaper Clutch

The Momgeni portable diaper changing station makes it very convenient to change babies for mothers on the go!

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