Pocket Equality

Pockets in Women's Apparel

Women’s clothing is often made with faux pockets. Men’s clothing on the other hand come with functional pockets, sometimes with multiple functional pockets. Even baby boys’ clothing are made with real pockets leaving one wondering – what could an infant possibly want to carry in his shorts or pants? His credit cards? Driver’s license? Pockets have always been a staple of men’s clothing leading women to resort to creative ways to store their belongings. So much so that many women are up in arms against this bias in the fashion industry. Women want real pockets that can be used to carry essentials. Motherhood increases the number of things women have to carry every time they need to step out of home.

We at Momgeni have developed a design for a utility jacket for women keeping in mind the modern woman’s need for pockets in clothing. The Momgeni jackets come with more than a dozen pockets with each pocket specifically designed to hold various personal and childcare essentials such as cell phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, feeding bottles, coffee mug, passport, pens, tablet computer and some large pockets to hold items according to the unique needs of each mother.

Momgeni jacket with multi-functional pockets

With our multi-pocket outerwear designed for moms, we aim to achieve true Pocket Equality!

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