Infant Weather Cover and Babywearing: The Perfect Match

Mother carrying baby in a carrier in cold weather

Studies show that babywearing provides numerous benefits to both mom and baby. It helps with better bonding and aides the baby’s emotional and physical development. Evidence suggests that it also reduces crying, colic and acid reflux in babies. It has become common practice for mothers to wear babies when stepping out of home. It lets mothers keep their hands-free to do various activities, while also keeping their baby nearby and protected. But, does babywearing while outdoors, provide adequate cover for infants from cold or wet weather?

Babies carried in baby carriers or infant carriers are usually not adequately protected against the weather leaving them exposed to strong wind and cold conditions.  More often than not, infants’ legs, hands and head are left uncovered, leaving them to be cold in extreme weather conditions. Infant carriers are not made with a weather-protection cover that makes babywearing pleasant and stress-free for mothers. Therefore, mothers have to ensure their baby is well-protected against the weather by using mittens, socks, baby caps or hats or even wear extra layers of clothing.

To shield little ones from harsh weather, the Momgeni jacket comes with a built-in infant weather cover that keeps little ones cozy and protected. The Momgeni infant weather cover goes over a baby held in the carrier. As it is part of the Momgeni jacket, it can be easily zipped to the jacket. Made from fabrics that would keep babies cozy warm, the infant weather cover is great for snuggle and cuddle time for both mom and baby.

Momgeni jacket with infant cover offers protection from harsh weather

The Momgeni jacket’s infant weather cover allows mothers to enjoy outings and travel, even activities such as hiking and skiing!

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