Innovative Solution for Mama’s Wellness

Up until the baby arrives, a mom-to-be usually has enough time to take care of herself. This includes sleeping well, exercising, eating a healthy meal, relaxing and more. But once the baby arrives, a mom’s life is somehow fully consumed by caring for her baby that often there is little time for eating, sleeping or exercising. As a result, her health is put on the back-burner. To top it all off, her pregnancy hormones wreak havoc on her postpartum body, leaving her tired, weak and often in pain.

Motherhood frequently tests postpartum women’s posture. Bad posture usually occurs as a result of constantly lifting the baby, breastfeeding, leaning over cribs or bassinets, placing the baby in the car seat, lifting strollers and other heavy childcare systems. All these activities lead to neck and back pain.

Babywearing mother with backpain

As a solution to this problem, we at Momgeni have developed a jacket specifically designed for moms. The Momgeni jacket promotes mama’s wellness by easing back pain and neck discomfort that is common in mothers. Each Momgeni jacket has a built-in neck support mechanism in the collar pocket that would help relieve neck discomfort. Another important feature of the jacket is the multi-functional pocket that can be rolled up to form a portable lumbar roll. The lumbar roll is concealed inside the jacket and is easily removable to be used on a chair or car seat. This feature of the Momgeni jacket will be a blessing for any mom with postpartum back pain.

The Momgeni jacket comes with several pockets that have been symmetrically designed to hold mom’s personal essentials such as a cell phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, pens and make-up. An insulated pocket that is capable of holding a 16 oz coffee mug is a feature that would help moms get a little boost of energy.

Constant sleep deprivation leads to changes in hormones and mood. Studies have shown that mindfulness could prove beneficial to pregnant and postpartum women as it reduces stress and helps them to handle childbirth better and lower symptoms of anxiety and depression. A stress relief mechanism has been incorporated in the jacket to reduce stress and increase mindfulness that is beneficial to both mom and baby.

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