Alternative to Diaper Bags and Handbags

In the modern age, it has become common practice to carry a lot of possessions in computer bags, backpacks, purses and handbags. Especially, new parents carry much more – strollers, diaper bags, car seats and more. As a result, many people suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain.

New moms especially are in a peculiar spot because the early months after giving birth leaves their muscles weak. Hormonal changes in pregnancy leave the ligaments and joints looser in postpartum women making them especially prone to injury. In the initial months after delivering a baby, moms are constantly diapering, dressing, car seating and carrying their growing babies, leaving their health in jeopardy.

As an alternative to diaper bags and handbags, we at Momgeni have developed a jacket specifically designed for mothers. The patent-pending Momgeni jacket is a no-fuss, no-mess alternative to heavy, poorly organized diaper bags and comes with more than a dozen pockets, specifically designed to hold various childcare items such as feeding bottles, pacifiers, snacks, toys, wet or soiled clothes, diapers, wipes, lotions and more. The jackets also have specific pockets for holding mom’s personal essentials such as a cell phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, pens and more.

Designed with mama’s wellness as the primary focus, Momgeni ensures even weight distribution across the X axis, Y axis and Z axis. Perfect symmetry in design has been achieved by carefully planning the placements of the pockets and built-in features, and the weight they are meant to carry.

Visit our website to discover why Momgeni is a great fit for any postpartum care plan. Sign up for even more exclusive information, including pre-order launch updates and early-bird pricing.

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