The Heavy and Poorly Organized Diaper Bag

New parents are always making a list of the number of items they have to buy before and after their baby arrives. Friends and family constantly talk to them about the usefulness of one thing or the other. Some would swear by a crib, while others would express great confidence in a baby monitor. And every mom-to-be is told the diaper bag would be a life saver, if she wants to have a life outside of the house. The diaper bag has been the conventional way to carry childcare items for moms. Many new moms receive them as gifts and they almost always look like

But here is a look at the cons of the diaper bag for babies:

  1. It is heavy and bulky.
  2. It becomes cluttered and messy over a short period of time. Just when you need to find the pacifier to calm your wailing baby, it is the last thing you get out of the bag because of its disorganized nature.
  3. The weight of the bag is not evenly distributed on the body leading to shoulder, neck and back pain.
  4. It adds to the number of heavy items new parents are forced to carry such as car seats, strollers and more.
  5. Postpartum mothers are prone to injury due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and carrying heavy things poses a risk of injury.
  6. It is the only option moms have in the market to safely and securely transport childcare items. Moms have never been given another option.
  7. Reinforces gender stereotypes – men can get by with pockets, women need purses or handbags or diaper bags.

The global diaper bag market was valued at $600 million in 2017 and is expected to increase to $850 million by 2025. The diaper bag market is so huge that luxury brands make premium diaper bags for babies that are sold at high price points. A lack of awareness about the pitfalls and a lack of options lead many women to splurge on diaper bags.

It is high time we rethink the way we have carried childcare items all this while. A much more simple and easier way to carry childcare items with health benefits for mom would be the best option. And that would let moms keep their hands free to hold the most precious bundle of their life.

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