The Baggage of Motherhood

The baggage of motherhood

​Every mom-to-be looks forward to holding her bundle of joy and marvel at what she has just created. Most of them Google to learn about how their baby is developing in the womb each week, key milestones, how they need to plan their diet, are they gaining enough weight etc. Every mom-to-be looks forward to exciting days ahead with her baby once she delivers the baby. Many women believe they are prepared to handle the new responsibility, but little do they know that no amount of reading could truly prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead of them, namely the different types of baggage that motherhood comes with.

Cultural baggage – We live in a culture that believes that motherhood is the greatest achievement and therefore society has a set of norms that every generation of moms is judged by. The belief that there is one right way to parenting and those who do not fit into that mold are afraid of being negatively judged.This constant pressure to somehow live up to society’s expectations, leaves women almost always second guessing their parenting styles and choices.

Emotional baggage – The emotional weight of having a baby hits most women right after they have a baby. Baby Blues is a mood disorder that affects 80% of women after delivery. New moms are caring for their babies when they suffer from sleep deprivation. Add to this is the constant worry about whether the baby is doing well– sleeping well? Eating well? Breathing well? Is healthy? Reaching milestones on time? And much more. Even the slightest delay or setback leaves new moms worried.

Physical Baggage – New moms are constantly purchasing a lot of things for babies right from the time they pack their hospital bag, set up cribs, a diaper changing station, clothes, wipes, diapers and more. Then there are the heavier items meant for outings and travel such as diaper bags, strollers and car seats. Every time, a mom steps out of home with her baby, she needs to ensure she is carrying all of these things.

We’ll discuss the strains of physical baggage, especially of diaper bags and handbags in our upcoming blog posts.

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